Europe’s chemical industry is being outpaced by Asia. High regulatory, energy and labour costs together with an ageing population are slowing down European growth. RoadToBio’s focus on globally competitive bio-based chemicals will help shape the future of Europe’s chemicals industry and help to secure jobs in Europe’s rural and less developed regions.

Specifically, RoadToBio will deliver a roadmap and action plan illustrating the ‘sweet spots’ for Europe’s chemicals industry towards the Bioeconomy over the coming decade, up to 2030.

RoadToBio - Way to a bio-based chemical industry

RoadToBio will create a platform to bring together the chemicals industry, civil society and governing bodies to establish a dialogue on the activities needed to deliver the full potential of the action plan.

We are a consortium of organisations with a wide range of expertise, from technical knowledge of renewable resources to the development of educational resources. Our team also includes strategic consultancies and research communication experts.